Why Us?

Why Buddy Zone?

The big question is why choose Buddy Zone from the rest in the market. Buddy Zone has been developed with utmost care to keep the future trends in mind. The following points stand out:

1) An All OOP Architeture makes it easy to be enhanced and adapt to new social networking trends. We added a module which imitates the twitter micro blogging module i.e. friends are able to update their status and mood and other friends can see the moods.

2) Simple Interface Design with all separate blocks of html makes it easy even for a novice to change small to big things inside the interface, e.g. if you need to change something in header of the site i.e. add a new link all that is needed is editing one link and it gets reflected on the entire website.

3) Mods: We are releasing new mods every now and then, and sometimes even give them for free to our customers.

4) No Hidden Costs: We sell at the price mentioned, there is no hidden cost for removal of branding or powered by links or even installing the script and making it work on your servers. All modules you see on the demo are included in the price. Unlike our competition, we do not price small module for heavy pricing and show all modules as part of the demo to lure the customers into shelling out big amount of money from their pockets. We show what we sell in a package.