Capability Of Buddy Zone

All the features listed above have been coded with OOPS concept in mind. Each feature has its own separate class system and work co-independently from others. The reasoning behind this is to avoid data clutter and making huge tables which in return slow the performance. The database design has been created with additions of modules in future that is why Buddy Zone has been able to evolve to latest trends in social network without major changes to backend as well as database design. Buddy Zone is the only out of the box script in market which has been able to generate more then 300,000 members for customers and still work flawlessly. The main examples of Big Websites are:

There are many more websites which have more then 100,000 members database which proves the quality behind the code of Buddy Zone.

The major quality which can be seen by most programmers is the ease with which the code can be implemented to make new modules and use data interchangeably. The separate classes also act as an API for getting data to and from the Buddy Zone database.