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Social Media :: Is paying to promote your post worth it or not on Facebook?

We had told you in our previous article which was Social Media :: Are paying for Facebook Likes worth it? If paying for facebook likes was worth the money spent or not. Please do read it and spread to your friends. Today i will like to explain “Why paying for your posts on Facebook is a [...]

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Social Media :: Why my facebook online time is gradually declining?

In the past few days the amount of time I spend on Facebook has gone down by almost 30%. Previously it used to be 3 hours a day now it has gone down to almost 1.5 hours a day and is declining with a fast pace. There are many reasons for this. The main one [...]

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Social Media :: Are paying for Facebook Likes worth it?

I have been asked by many people if they should pay for Facebook Likes or not. The answer to the above question is quite simple “No”. Absolutely No. There are many reasons for the same. I will try and explain each and every one of them but we will like to start with the most [...]

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Social Media :: Our tryst with facebook paid advertisements!

We will be starting our new article series for Online Social Media Marketing and how you can leverage the concept for your marketing needs and what can be the best way to get the most for your buck. In the same quest we started our en-devours by starting a paid advertisement on none other than [...]

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Facebook :: Getting ready to kill the Sponsored Stories advertising!

The question you may ask is: What are sponsored stories? The sponsored stories are posts which appear on your wall which have been paid by a brand or a person to showcase in order to get more likes and reach for the brand or message. Every since Facebook started the sponsored stories advertising option, it [...]

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