SEO :: Can we add more then one link to a website on a web page?

In our previous article which was SEO Tips :: How does google differentiate between a regular and a paid link on your website? we discussed how google differentiates between a regular and a paid link on your website. Today we will like to share if you can add more then one link to a website on your web page and does it penalize you or affect you in any case.

From the very beginning we have been focusing on the fact that content is important for having a good Google ranking, because the better the content you have with more refined keywords the better are your chances of getting ranked. During that content creation you should also keep in mind that you do not over populate your website with out going links. But sometimes it is needed to have more then one link pointing to a website on a web page. As an example, if you have a lengthy description of a product and you want to include more information links to a same website, then you need to provide the same.

So is it safe to add more then one link to a website?

It is really difficult to say if it is safe to add more then one link to a website on a web page, but if you need to provide it for user’s experience please go ahead and do it.

Does google penalize to have more then one link to a website?

It depends, we did an experiment and placed 2 relevant links on a web page to same website. The rank was not dropped. But if you do place the same links 2 times google counts it as 2 and passes on the page rank information accordingly.

Which anchor text does google take into account when more then 1 link is present on a website?

Google bot makes the best guess and uses only one anchor text to a website and does not use both of them. So keep in mind if you can avoid double linking avoid it, but if absolutely necessary try to use different anchor text’s.

Can my own page ranking be dropped if i use same link 2 times on a web page?

Not necessarily, if you use relevant links and do not over shadow your own content, your own page ranking will not be dropped. But if the links present on the page are not relevant or are over shadowing your own content then it will be disastrous for your website and it’s ranking on google.

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