Buddy Zone :: Social Network Script for your school and college!

We at Vastal I-Tech & Co. have always tried our best to bring solutions which will enable you to run an online presence. In this en devour we created our Social Networking Script which was targeted to allow people to run a website similar to Facebook, MySpace and more. The same script has evolved over the years to cater to many more needs. In our previous article which was at Buddy Zone :: Social Script for business and organizations! we told you how you can use Buddy Zone for your business and how you can increase your online presence using the script.

Today we will like to explain how you can use Buddy Zone for your school and college. Buddy Zone has all features which are needed to run a successful social networking website. If you want to run a closed social network for your school or college we provide a unique feature which allows you to close down public signup’s and only invited people can register on your website. This will enable you to send invites to students of your own school and they can join and interact with their fellow school mates.

In the social network users can interact with other school mates, send documents to other school mates, chat with the school mates, look at the status of their school/class mates and do a lot more. This will help in making in internal network of students and can thereby increase the productivity of all students. Because people will know where to look for when they want help with a particular subject.

Some of the questions you might have are:

How can i use Buddy Zone for my school only?

As explained earlier we provide a closed signup based on invites only, where you can send invites to people and only people in the invitation list can join the network, which will limit it to your own school only.

How is Buddy Zone beneficial for my school?

It is beneficial for your school because it will allow all school mates/class mates to interact with each other in a closed environment. You need not block any content since all content will be posted only by students of your own school and no outside person will be allowed to join. In the same network students can interact, can increase productivity and do a lot more easily and securely.

Can Buddy Zone be used for any type of school/college?

Of course, you can use Buddy Zone for any kind of school/college you want. Any college which want’s to have a platform for their students to interact can opt to start a Social Network for their college using Buddy Zone.

Is privacy handled in Buddy Zone to make it safe for students?

Yes alot of privacy settings like invite only list, image invite only and many more keep the content and images of all students of your school safe and in control.