Social Media :: Is paying to promote your post worth it or not on Facebook?

We had told you in our previous article which was Social Media :: Are paying for Facebook Likes worth it? If paying for facebook likes was worth the money spent or not. Please do read it and spread to your friends.

Today i will like to explain “Why paying for your posts on Facebook is a stupidity and not worth it”.

Never ever have i seen a concept so foolish as promote my post to my friends. If i join Facebook to interact with my friends i expect Facebook to show my status/images/video to my Friends. I do not expect Facebook to ask money from me for showing the same to my friends. Now that was extreme case of stupidity which i saw in Facebook the day they started. It alarmed “DESPERATE” in my ears and that was the day when i finally came to know that Facebook is dying and will die soon.

Take a look at the following screen shot:

How absurd does it sound when Facebook asks you if you want to promote your post to the people who like your page? I mean seriously? Do you think i am that stupid to not know about your sinister plan? If a person has already liked my page that means he likes what I post and should be able to see the content from my page. Why do you ask me to promote it to that same page and ask money from me “Again”.

Why i say “Again” because i have already paid to get that like on my page. It was not a free like mind you. No likes on any Facebook page are free likes. All have been paid for. Either with a visit from my website to yours or by paying you to get me a like on my page.

Do you think it is wise to ask me for more money to show my post to the same person for whom i have already paid? You charge me whenever someone likes my page. For what? So you can ask me for more money to show my content to that same person?

Does anyone reading this article understand the above logic? No? I will explain.

Facebook has been gradually declining the “Organic” reach of posts as they claim because they say there are just too many posts to show to a user. So what exactly are organic posts? The posts which are not paid for. Yes you read it. Please stop saying them organic posts and start saying as long as you do not pay us and think your content will reach your fans and friends stop dreaming.

This logic of “Organic Reach” is beyond my comprehension. What exactly is organic reach? If someone is my friend or if someone has liked my page. How exactly can you call my post reaching them as organic?

Organic is a search term which Google invented. Organic search is a search result which is not paid for. You can actually understand that terminology and BTW google does not filter the “Organic Reach” they just organize it unlike on Facebook where you actually never see a post. On google your link can be at 100th page but it is there.

Some one should ask Facebook if asking me to promote my post to a friend of mine is of any value to me? Really Please ask? Can i not send a personal message to my friends? Oh damn i gave a new idea to Facebook limit the friend direct messages.

I think i should stop now and not give Facebook any new ideas. But to answer the question If you should actually pay to get your post out there. The answer to that is an absolute no. I have some more points to make for this particular topic will open up a new article and share my thoughts with you all. Please do send in your comments to us as it helps us know that our efforts are of use to some people.

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