Social Media :: Why my facebook online time is gradually declining?

In the past few days the amount of time I spend on Facebook has gone down by almost 30%. Previously it used to be 3 hours a day now it has gone down to almost 1.5 hours a day and is declining with a fast pace. There are many reasons for this.

The main one being that I am forced to see the posts at the mercy of Facebook and not what i want to see. The top stories section of Facebook is forced onto a user and it is not self selected. I change it to Most Recent and it keeps changing back to Top Stories. I have no idea why that is but it does. Please do try it on your own Facebook account as well.

When you are forced to see something you get annoyed and become unsatisfied. The content on my news feed is my chosen content. I will see what I want to see. Facebook has no right what so ever to filter it.

The argument that Facebook gives for filtering is that there are too many posts which a user cannot see all at one time. Are you seriously kidding me? So if i liked 20 pages and I have 200 friends i do not wish to see content from all those pages? Is that what you are telling me? You will choose for me what I want to watch and what i cannot watch? How ridiculous does that sound?

Unless I am one of the Fake Facebook click farm I like pages and I have friends which I want to connect to. I want to see everything and all things those pages and friends have shared with me. You cannot ask me to see a few things “You deem fit” for me and not others.

The biggest and most annoying thing that I have seen is. If i like a post which says cats and dogs Facebook keeps showing me cats and dogs again and again in between are advertisements relating to cats and dogs. Are you serious? Really? I liked cats and dogs on monday so i will like them for the rest of my life and will not want to see anything else at all? What kind of a weird logic is that?

Next part is declining page reach, I created a page or I liked a page because i want to see their content not because Facebook will tell me whether i should see a post or not. Who are you to tell me what i can see and what i cannot see?

There are many more problems in Facebook which i will keep rambling about? For i can see Facebook has peaked and is on a gradual decline and will most probably be another MySpace in 1-2 years.

Vastal I-Tech & Co. Team