Social Media :: Are paying for Facebook Likes worth it?

I have been asked by many people if they should pay for Facebook Likes or not. The answer to the above question is quite simple “No”. Absolutely No. There are many reasons for the same. I will try and explain each and every one of them but we will like to start with the most important reason which is “LIE”.

So whose lie am I talking about?

Facebook’s lie. The lie that you get when you start a page with Facebook. Facebook has been lying to its users and advertisers that they help people and business to connect with their fans. This is a UTTER lie.

To make this happen they allow you to transfer your own traffic to their website or you can start an advertisement on their website for people to like your Brand. The lie does not start here. The lie starts when you realize what a terrible marketing gimmick this is. You send your own traffic to Facebook and think you will gain followers on the social network and in return the friends of your follower will come to know about you. That is not the case, all you do is send Facebook traffic and nothing else.

If you start an advertising campaign on Facebook you expect people to connect with your Brand and expect them to know about you. That is a lie as well.

To demonstrate the above 2 points we will explain with 2 experiments we did. We created a page on Facebook for our website and added the widget which allows users to like our page from our website. Using that we hit about 1,100 likes on Facebook page. We expected that those 1,100 people will want to know what is new with our website or our services. So we posted an update on Facebook page. The update which had a nice demonstration with an info graphic and a link back to our website. Out of the 1,100 only 38 saw the post. Can you believe only 38? That is a mere 3.8% of the total traffic we sent Facebook. That made us realize something. Stop sending traffic to Facebook and we removed the widget from our website.

So, someone asked me should i add a widget of Facebook on my own website?

Ans: Absolutely Not.

Now to demonstrate the next point of paid likes from Facebook directly. We started an advertising campaign on Facebook on same page where we had 1,100 likes sent from our website. We paid for the advertisements and set an initial budget of $10/day. To our amazement with those $10/day we were getting nearly 200-300 likes a day. Pretty Neat eh? No, not at all we will explain it a bit further. We kept spending $10/day for about 45 days and after $450 and about 7700 likes on our page, we were sure that the reach of our post will be more then 38. So we did a new post on the page with a link back to our website. Out of the 7700 our post reached about 110 users and click through was a Big Zero.

This made us investigate what was happening. We did some digging into the matter and what we found amazed me. Facebook has been running a huge Fraud with their advertisers. The likes which you get by paying for the advertisements are not real likes but they come from the click farms. How did we determine this? This was pretty evident when we saw profiles of some of the people who liked our page. Most of them had more then 1200 to 1500 pages liked on their profile. I mean really as an individual and being online most of the time who likes these many pages and things this is not at all true. The profiles are Fake with some or no content and just likes to pages.

The concept of click farms has been in practice since Google, people had been claiming google sends in fake clicks as well. We will get to that in our future article. But for now Facebook advertising that you pay for goes out to only 10% of “Real People” then you believe it does to.

We will explain a lot more about this evident fraud of Facebook in our next articles.

Please stay tuned with us.

Vastal I-Tech & Co. Team