SEO # What are breadcrumbs and are they beneficial for Website?

In our previous article which was SEO # How should you handle the pages which are no longer relevant for your website? we discussed how we can handle pages which are not relevant to our website anymore. Today we will like to discuss about Breadcrumbs explaining what they are and if they are beneficial for your website or not.

What are breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are links which contain the hierarchy of  your website and a particular web page which the user is surfing. You normally place the breadcrumbs at the top of the page. An example for breadcrumbs is, if you have an eCommerce website which sells shoes you can list the products in the categories like Shoes->Ladies->White. This when displayed on top of the website with links which point to page showing the products or information is known as breadcrumbs.

Are breadcrumbs beneficial for your website for SEO?

Yes they are quite beneficial for your website. Firstly, they make the navigation of the website easier for the visitor and makes it easier for the user to look for relevant links when they are surfing the website. The breadcrumbs are useful in your SEO effort as well. Google uses them to understand your website’s structure and also displays them on the search result as well. Breadcrumbs helps in getting better ranking on Google as well.

Do we absolutely need breadcrumbs for better Google Ranking?

No, they are useful for your website as explained above but they are not absolutely needed for you to have a better ranking for your website, because even though they are beneficial Google mostly goes after quality content rather then just the navigation. If your content is good and is unique in nature, you do not need to place UN-necessary breadcrumbs on each page.

Can we add more than one breadcrumb on a web page?

Yes, you can but the important thing to remember is that Google takes the first breadcrumb on a webpage as base and may use other one’s may not. Your first breadcrumb on a webpage is important and should be used carefully. Rest can be used as you want as they may be used by Google may not be.

These were a few important aspects of of Breadcrumbs and if they are useful for your website or not and if they help you in your search engine optimization efforts. Remember these kind of tips and things help a little but content is the key and you need good quality and regular content to get a good ranking on Google.

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