SEO # What is the importance of comments on a blog for SEO?

In our previous article which was SEO # What is importance of H1 HTML tag for SEO?  we discussed what is H1 tag and what is its importance in doing SEO for your website. Today we will like to discuss on what is the importance of comments on a blog for the SEO.

When you write quality content which is targeted to an specific audience, it is a certainty that people will want to leave comments to approve with what you want to say or to deny with what you want to say. I have seen many blogs censoring what users what to say and many disallowing anything negative being posted as well. I have even seen people disabling comments which are not in English or are in English but with poor Grammar. Which made me think about the reason behind the same and why people are doing it. So I asked a few webmasters and the normal answer i had was for SEO and they thought that Google may penalize them. Others said because they wanted to keep their blogs sanitized and not have a lot of comments.

We will like to answer and clear a few doubts regarding the same. First, do not consider any comment as litter as long as it is not from a bot or is actually a SPAM comment with just a bunch of links spattered. Every other human written comment is never litter and does not need to be sanitized.

So what about negative comments, my opinion is: Keep them, Embrace them, Adore them, Look at them. Reason being when a customer sees only positive things about you on your website and not even a single negative comment they will tend to think this is overly censored and will probably not like it. Again, this is my personal opinion you are free to make your own decisions. This has absolutely no implications on SEO and Search Engine Optimization at all. You can keep negative comments or you can remove them it is upto you. I have always felt that any content written by Human is a content so i will keep them.

What about non English comments. Keep them as well, people on internet are not all English speaking people, they do not all read and write in English and they do not all search on Google in English. So if someone leaves a comment on your English blog in Spanish. Do not remove them because people in this world also search on Google in Spanish and that comment on your English blog will come up on Google when it is searched. There is no negative implication with non English comments as far as SEO is concerned.

What about comments with wrong Grammar. Keep them as well, people do not always write correct English. Sometimes they are in a hurry, sometimes English is not there primary language. So as long as the comment is Human written English with bad Grammar  you can keep them.

Will Google consider my site of low quality if there is a lot of Grammatical errors in comments on my website?

No, because there are varied kinds of comments posted on all websites and most of them usually are not Grammatically correct. Like if you see Youtube you will see alot of comments which are written in horrible English yet the video ranks well on Google.

Will Google consider my site as SPAM if there are comments in multiple languages?

No, because Google knows that there is not one language in the world and people from different parts of the world will leave comments in different languages. So it does not really matter.

How to make sure you do not get penalized in any situation?

Make sure you write original content and make sure your content which you write has as less Grammatical errors as possible. That is all that is needed to make your content rank high. You should also make sure never to approve comments which are not written by Humans are are just written by bots to SPAM your website.

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