SEO # What is importance of H1 HTML tag for SEO?

In our previous article which was SEO # Should we use Article Directories to create links? we discussed if we should use Article Directories to build links or not. Today we will like to discuss the importance of h1 HTML tag for SEO purpose.

When you design a web page you design it based on the elements you need placed on that page. The same elements are then aligned according to the need and according to the layout of a web page. Sometimes your design consists of elements needed to make it look more interesting and engaging like images and flash and sometimes it is just plain text.

The HTML elements which are defined at the top of the page are given more importance by Google and as the page keep going down the importance of keywords present in the page keeps getting low.

The main reason for this is Google has an opinion that the most important part of the web page i.e. the part which explains what this page is about will be explained by the author at the top of the page and not at bottom, which is logical reason actually because you do not want to confuse your user by showing them irrelevant text.

Here comes the importance of H1 tag. As anyone who is familiar with the HTML knows that H1 is the biggest heading tag in HTML and is used when we need to assign a Heading to a HTML page.

Google considers it as the main source of the keywords present on a page. Because it is the biggest heading on a web page and authors most of the time give a heading to their article/web page and all content.

H1 tag is considered as the most important keyword containing tag by Google on a web page and should in all cases be used on all pages of a website. Because the more H1 tags your website contains the more keywords google will index your website for.

Some things which you need to keep in mind while using H1 tags are:

  • H1 tag is quite large in size and does not actually look good on a web page for this purpose use a CSS style-sheet and re design the H1 tag.
  • Make sure you have only one H1 tag on one web page. Using more then one H1 tag can make it look like keyword stuffing and in turn make it look like spam.
  • Make sure you have the H1 tag on the web page at top, it is not necessary to place H1 tag to extreme top but to not place H1 tag to exteme bottom as well.
  • Make sure only relevant keywords and text is placed in H1 tag on a web page i.e. if your web page is about “Cameras” do not place a text relating to “Lenses” in the H1 tag.

Effective usage of the H1 tag on a web page has shown a lot of improvement in SEO efforts and when relevant keywords are present in the H1 tags on a web page you can be sure that Google will know what this web page is about and will index accordingly. H1 tag therefore is a powerful tool in your hand to get indexed and listed on Google use it wisely.

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