SEO # Should we use Article Directories to create links?

In our previous article which was SEO # How much does Social Networks affect your page ranking? we discussed how much does a social network help in your SEO efforts and if using them was beneficial or not for the SEO purpose. Today we will like to discuss if Article Directories are still relevant and useful for creating link backs to your site.

So, What are Article Directories?

Article directories are websites which have articles submitted by users in a sortable and searchable format. The same websites allow authors to write articles and upload them on their website and put in the Author Bio with a link at the bottom of the article.

Now, How are they beneficial?

They could be beneficial to you in some scenario if you have a rich article and people really like those articles. If people do they may use the article on their own website and provide you with a link back. That may increase the amount of links pointing to your website.

Are they still beneficial?

In recent times Google has done alot of changes to the algorithm and which has made it very difficult to analyze if the older techniques of building links are still beneficial or not. According to Google the Article Directories are not a days looked upon as stale content website and generally amount to Web Spam. So it is not beneficial to use them to build links.

Should be remove our articles already posted on Article Directories?

This is still a mystery if article  directories have a negative impact on your website ranking or not, because the same has not been made clear by Google as yet. But we have not actually seen a drop in the ranking because of the already added article on a 3rd party website. So you can keep the already submitted article on a website but do not submit more articles on 3rd party websites as the relevance and importance of the same has reduced over time.

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