Social Media :: Our tryst with facebook paid advertisements!

We will be starting our new article series for Online Social Media Marketing and how you can leverage the concept for your marketing needs and what can be the best way to get the most for your buck. In the same quest we started our en-devours by starting a paid advertisement on none other than Facebook.

Since we have been advertising on Google and a few other search and content networks for almost 8+ years now we had a rough idea how much each visitor costs us and what the conversion rate and ratio is. So with that visitor rate and ratio in mind we allocated a little part of our marketing funds to Facebook.

To start we thought we will promote our Facebook page and accumulate likes on the page and then promote our products and services through the page. Sounded like a pretty good idea to us and it sounded like we will gain more brand popularity and in return repeat customers or visitors.

We started off the campaign and selected a few countries which can see our advertisement. The likes started coming in and we started adding in relevant content relating to our website and products like new features in our products and new articles we posted. So likes almost stopped coming and all we were billed was for the impressions.

In the mean time we started putting random things like random images or inspirational quotes and images of places to see and likes started to flood. We kept doing this for 15 days and reached to 2000 likes after having paid almost $300 now also we were thinking this is not bad. 2000 likes on Facebook for $300 could not be a bad thing and we can leverage the 2000 likes and get them converted to customers.

So after 2000 likes we kept our paid advertisements going but stopped posting random stuff and started posting about our product thinking may be we will get some new likes and visits from 2000 likes we got. To our surprise same thing happened again. Very few new likes came in and almost none from the 2000 likes visited the website.

So after having spent $550 in 2 months on Facebook and 4500 likes we closed our paid advertising. We will be analyzing what went wrong on the marketing plan and what could have been done.

The amazing thing about Facebook is that it has a lot and by a lot we mean seriously a lot of teenagers surfing it all the time. Same advertisement keeps popping up to you again and again. Interest based advertisements is a myth. Like on my facebook account i never said i have kids but still i keep seeing Toys For Sale and Diapers For Sale advertisements.

More articles to come soon!