Facebook :: Getting ready to kill the Sponsored Stories advertising!

The question you may ask is:

What are sponsored stories?

The sponsored stories are posts which appear on your wall which have been paid by a brand or a person to showcase in order to get more likes and reach for the brand or message.

Every since Facebook started the sponsored stories advertising option, it has been a hassle to reach the people via Facebook page and new feed. The more importance is given to the sponsored stories rather than organic stories.

When you contact Facebook and ask them they have a usual response if you post stuff which is relevant to people who like your page it will reach them. Question arises why would they like my page if they are not interested in what I post and if they are not interested in what I post they can unlike me. But why hinder in the reach of my post to people.

There were numerous issues which were raised by a lot of people regarding the sponsored stories on their new feed. The main being:

1) Why was a person forced to see something on the news feed when they do not want to see it.

2) Facebook faced a class action law suit which directly stated that they did not get permission from users to use their names and photos in the sponsored stories advertisements. They settled the same for $10 million.

3) There was blatant disregard of the privacy of a person when the sponsored stories reached someone who they did not intend to show that they liked the page.

Seeing all the above, Facebook has decided to stop showing the sponsored stories on the news feed altogether.

Finally we may be able to have a better organic reach after this decision by Facebook.