SEO # How much does Social Networks affect your page ranking?

In our previous article which was SEO # How does google show the 1st three results and is google algorithm different for different ranks? we discussed how the links at different ranks are ranked by Google. Today we will like to discuss on how much does a social network affect your page ranking.

To get to the core of the above question we did testing on 4 Major Social Networks:

1) Facebook: We gathered paid/unpaid likes on our company page and posted some links of our website and same got likes as well and shares as well.

Conclusion: There was no significant change in the ranking of the pages on Google with Facebook likes. The ranking remained almost same 1 or 2 steps up and down pretty much.

2) Google+: We did not do any paid advertising to get followers on our page but just kept sharing our links on Google+ and some new followers kept coming in and they +1 our links and content.

Conclusion: There is an impact of Google+ followers and +1′s on Google ranking. We have seen Authors with more followers getting better ranked with those who do not have a following. We discussed this in SEO # How to focus on building Google Authorship and is it important? as well.

3) Twitter: We shared links to our TL and same were retweeted by our followers as well.

Conclusion: There is no change in Google ranking with twitter followers or retweets. The same does not get affected on Google at all.

4) Tumblr: We shared links, images with links and blogs on Tumblr and same got liked and reblogged.

Conclusion: Google considered the links on each Tumblr blog as a link back and increased our link backs and there was increased our page rank slightly.

The experiment we did was on a new website as we wanted to see what impact we will see on Google rankings once we started our Social Media campaign. The better news above is there was no negative impact at all during the campaign. There was only positive campaign.

Our of my customers asked me a question should we focus on Facebook or Twitter if no impact on Google comes from them. The answer to them was “Yes” both of them are proving some value to your brand.


What value is provided depends on how you look at it. When users like/share/retweet your content it gets visible to their friends. So yes make sure you are active on Social Networks as it has no negative impact on Google as well.

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