SEO # How does google show the 1st three results and is google algorithm different for different ranks?

In our previous article which was SEO # Why do i not see any back links for my site on Google? we discussed why we are not able to see the back links on google for our own website. Today we will like to discuss on how Google determines which websites to show on 1st three results and is google algorithm different for different ranks?

We were asked by many clients as to how they can get listed on top 3 in search result. The answer to this was difficult as there was no set rules or definitions as to who gets listed on top 3 on Google. The same question was answered by Matt Cutts of Google.

There is no set criteria as to who can list on top 3 on Google. The top 3 listings are solely based on same algorithm which determines the relevancy of the content along with the popularity of the content was what was said by Matt Cutts in a video on YouTube.

There are many more questions which are left unanswered by this which we will try to answer:


If there is no different criteria on how the 1st 3 links are ranked, why are those links ranked and not mine?

The answer to this is simple. The links may be more optimized or not over optimized. The biggest error done during the Search Engine Optimization is over optimization. Never ever over optimize your content or your website. That can cause alot of problems.

How do i actually take my website to top 3 if there is no different algorithm?

You simply cannot do anything but to keep adding new, relevant content and keep adding links on different website and hope for the best. That is what the answer from Google suggests. This is not a right answer in my opinion, there should be set guidelines given to everyone and a fair chance given to everyone so everyone can try to get on top 3 listing and it is upto google to decide whom to show. So answer to above question is still we cannot do anything except to keep following SEO guidelines and hoping for the best.

Is it really that important to rank on top 3 to get ahead in game?

No, absolutely no there are people who actually never click on top 3 results and than there are some who will. Most users will like to see other competition of the person who is ranked 1st on Google before making a final decision i.e. if you are selling a product and for that product you are ranked at number 10 and your competitor is ranked at number 1. Do not worry because people and customers are smart. They will look at both of you before making a decision. So keep your content relevant and keep your products good and you are good to go.

Is it important to focus on link building or content for the 1st three rank?

Both are important but keep in mind without content link building is of no use. Add in good quality content and relevant content and people will start to link to you automatically. We have seen and have done that. One good article gone viral can send you 1000′s of link backs which are impossible to make manually.

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