SEO # Why do i not see any back links for my site on Google?

In our previous article which was SEO # How to focus on building Google Authorship and is it important? we discussed about how important Google Authorship is and how you can focus on building your Google+ following. Today we wanted to share with you the answer to a question which is asked by a lot of our clients.

Why does google show only a few links in the link back of my website?

The question intrigued is a lot and we were searching for answer to this question as well. The answer came in from Google itself, they stated that in the start they had limited storage so they avoided to show all the link backs to the website. Later on it became a tradition. This was told by Matt Cutts in a video posted on YouTube.


After we saw this alot more questions arose in our mind which were and are answered below:

Where can i see all the back links which google recognizes?

You can see all the back links which google recognizes in the webmaster tools section. Just login to webmaster tools and choose the website you want to see the links of. In there choose the Search Traffic link and under it you will see a link named “Links to Your Site” click on that and you will see all back links which Google recognizes for your website.

Are the links shown in Google webmaster tool used to calculate the page rank of our website?

You bet! All links in webmaster tools are used while Google calculates the Page Rank of your website. The links are shown to webmasters to let them know from where their website is getting linked. This can be used to disvow the links as well in case you are linked from a spammy website and you do not wish to be associated by them.

But why not upgrade the system and show them all publicly?

There are many reasons for this. The main that we understood and which took merit was excessive paid linking. If you can see the links of all your competition you will be inclined to ask the person linking to your competition to link to you as well and you may end up paying them as well. Remember, Google is against paid links not paid advertisements.

So how can we go ahead of our competition without knowing who links to them?

You do not need to know who links to your competition. All you need to do is create good, relevant content and links will start coming in automatically.

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