SEO # How to focus on building Google Authorship and is it important?

In our previous article which was SEO # How to handle multiple top level country domains? we discussed how we can handle the multiple top level country domains for SEO purposes. We will today like to discuss how we can focus on building Google Authorship and if it is important or not.

In our previous post about Google Authorship which was SEO # Google Authorship is it the new page rank?  i had already explained what google authorship is and if it is as important or more important than page rank. So please go through that article which explains what Google Authorship is.

In recent times Google Authorship has gained alot of prominence in online marketing world mainly because google has started to give important to it. The reason for doing this is clear from Google’s perspective have shown relevant content when keywords are searched for and content which is liked by most people around the web.

Until Google+ Google did not have any option to judge which content is liked by people and which is not and how many like the page and particular author. But all that changed once people started to use Google+ actively. All those in Facebook dream land should swallow this “Google+ traffic is rising and rising fast, pretty soon it will cross Facebook”. The main thing which led many people to Google+ was the uniqueness of content and Google’s drive to pull webmasters towards their new platform.

Facebook likes are good but Google+ Followers are better. Focus on them yes make people add you to their circles as much as you can on Google+ it will help. Facebook likes give you place to put in a link on Facebook and it is users choice if they want to visit the website or not and with recent Facebook changes 90% of your posts do not reach the audience.

Google+ on the other hand has a unique system you add people to your circles you get credited for that on your google rankings as well. So if users are searching for a particular keyword and your link shows on page 1 of Google search it is more likely to be visited then on from your Facebook page.

So it is important that you start building your Google+ Circle and start building your authorship. Do not focus only on Facebook like most companies are doing they will soon realize what they missed and when they will realize it will be too late.

How you can focus on building the authorship depends on alot of things. The market you are targetting, your niche, the product you are selling. We will try and sum that up in our next article.

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