Buddy Zone :: Version 2.9.9 Released!

Vastal I-Tech in an en-devour to give best services to all customers has released a new version of Buddy Zone Version 2.9.9 RC 3 Build: 245. The enhancements and additions in the new version are as follows:

  • An auto scroll of the news feed is also included.
  • More aspects covered in the news feed like friend notifications.
  • New Photo comments notification.
  • New Comments notification.
  • New Invite Only Image Approval notification.
  • New Photos Uploaded notification.
  • New Friends Testimonials notification.
  • New Forum Posts notification.
  • New Upcoming Birthday’s notification.
  • Multiple Photo Uploader for Profile Pictures.
  • Multiple Photo Uploader for Album Picture.
  • Enhanced Privacy Settings for Profile/Album Pictures.
  • Improved Blogs.
  • Improved Photo Albums.
  • Improved Videos.
  • Improved Notification System.
  • Increased Speed in Loading Wall.
  • Improved Version 2.0 Profile.


Buddy Zone Team

Vastal I-Tech & Co.

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