SEO # How to detect errors and misplacements in your SEO?

In our previous article which was SEO # Do you need a separate meta description for each page? we discussed if a separate meta description is needed for each page on your website. Today we will like to present to you a very important feature of Google Webmaster Tool viz. reporting and detecting of errors on your website and SEO.

If you are not already a member of Google Webmaster Tools please do join the same as it is a very important tool for any and all webmasters. In the same you will find a lot of information about your website and about what google thinks of your website.

In google webmaster tools one of the best features is their error reporting. There are 3 kinds of error reporting which we found in the google webmaster tool viz:

  1. Site Wide Errors
  2. Individual Errors
  3. HTML Errors

Site wide errors are reported whenever google is not able to crawl to your website and is not able to index the content on your website. The same can have alot of reasons associated with and the and Google webmaster tools point you towards the reason easily. If it is because of your .htaccess or because of no crawl tag or any other reason is pointed directly by google in the webmaster tools.

Individual errors are errors in a particular page on your website. The same is also reported by google webmaster tools and can be used by you to improve the content or remove the error on the webpage using the reports presented by google webmaster tools.

HTML errors are errors which google considers fatal to your success online and in search engine optimization. The same are fatal for your success and your rankings on google. The most important of them is the duplicate titles and duplicate meta descriptions on your webpages.

As explained in the previous article according to Google it is beneficial to leave a page without meta description tag than to have a duplicate meta description on many pages. Google webmaster tool has a feature which allows you to see all duplicate meta descriptions on your website so you can rectify them.

In the same way you can also see duplicate title of pages on your website which can be rectified using the help of the Google webmaster tools. The reporting is really elaborate and helps a lot in managing a huge website.

In our next article we will show you how to decode the errors on Google Webmaster Tools for better ranking and better indexing of your website.

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