SEO # Can we use articles on other websites to generate our own content?

In our previous article which was SEO # Do you need a separate meta description for each page? we discussed if we needed a separate meta description tag on each page in a website to rank better on Google. Today we will discuss on if we can use articles on other websites to generate our own content for ranking on Google.

I have been asked many times by clients and friends if it is ok to use RSS feeds or copy and paste of articles from other websites to generate our own content. The answer to the above question is usually a no. But in some case we can use other articles and generate good ranking.

When you just copy and paste articles or use RSS feeds from other websites it is like duplicating content. When google does not rank duplicate content on same website how can it rent duplicate content on different websites. Makes no sense at all.

Another point is when you use someone else’s work you can basically just taking a short cut and using someone else’s hard work to make a name for yourself. This is unethical and not accepted and should in all ways be avoided.

So when you are considering to generate content on your own website using content from 3rd party websites be sure what you are doing as the same can lead to penalties on Google which will never be lifted. Stealing is an offense in real world as well as in web world.

In start I wrote it is usually a no but some content can be used to rank on Google. So am i contradicting myself. No i am not contradicting myself. Whenever you use content from different website’s it is usually called spam and short cut but there are certain ways you can do it.

I said some content from other website’s can be used to generate content on your website which can help in rank of your website but how do you use it? You use it by using proper citation and adding your own content to the article like e.g. you can add a reference to 3rd party website in an article and add a citation that source for this is the following. Take a look at wikipedia for this. They use alot of 3rd party text and articles but they add in their own text and add sources at the bottom.

The above way of using 3rd party text is good for Google rankings but simple copy and paste will definitely take your website down on Google.

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