SEO # Do you need a separate meta description for each page?

In our previous article which was SEO # Does spelling and grammar matter in your SEO and Google Ranking! we discussed if spelling and grammar mattered in your SEO and Google Ranking. Today we will like to examine if different meta description on each page is needed and is it better for Google Ranking.

As we have explained in our previous posts that Meta Description is an important part of the html which Google takes into consideration when ranking a page. The snippet you see on google search result is generated from the meta description tag which you provide in your web page.

Sometimes is is difficult on a website to have different meta description on each page specially if it is a user generated content. In that scenario it is a question that comes to mind if description tag is needed for good SEO or can we avoid the same.

When you are in such a dilemma make sure that you do not duplicate the description tags on pages which you cannot provide the description tag for. Leave the description tag out completely.

Duplicate description tag is discouraged by Google and if you login to your Google webmaster account you can see Google reports to you about the duplicate meta description tags.

You can however completely remove it and Google will generate the snippet from the content from the website. The keywords are also picked from page. But make sure you do not remove it from your entire website.

Meta description is really important tag, it is used by Google to check for keywords and it is what users see first on Google when they see your website on the search result. So it is really important and should not be avoided on all pages.

You can just avoid it on pages which you cannot provide description tag for. You should add in description tags on all important pages like home page, product page and selling page and on pages which have bad snippet on Google. Rest you can add or not add the description tag. Better is to add but do not add duplicate description tag.

In Google webmaster tools you can check how many and which pages have duplicate meta descriptions and can change the descriptions based on the report provided by Google.

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