SEO # Google Authorship is it the new page rank?

In our previous article which was SEO # Most annoying link building technique for getting google ban we discussed which was the most annoying and sure way of link building and will lead to a google ban. Today we we discuss if Google Authorship is the new page rank and if it is really that important.

In past few quarters there has gradually been a decrease in the page rank related SEO. We have also noticed that all top websites on a query are not based on page rank anymore but a few are. So we decided to dig a little deeper into it.

Page rank is still important factor in SEO and Search Engine Optimization for many kinds of keywords. But as is being suggested by Google Team and by Search Quality Team of Google Page Rank is not the only factor. The page rank in the toolbar changes only once in a few months so that does not mean once it is set it it set for that many months and your website will keep ranking higher on the search.

Authorship is being considered the new page rank all over the web, we have seen it helping the websites do well and also seen it getting more popularity. But we have also seen it not getting benefited for many keywords. For many top performing keywords we still do see static websites with no relevant authorship ranking higher on Google then with authorized authorship.

After seeing this we wanted to know if Authorship was really as important as Page Rank. The conclusion we came up with is Yes, it is but it is not the new Page Rank. Page Rank is still in force and is still being considered by Google when producing search results.

So how beneficial is Google Authorship For SEO?

Google authorship is really beneficial for your SEO purposes but only and only if you have authors writing new blogs on your website. Stale and old content with Authorship starts going backwards on Google after a few months.

Is it good to replace our entire SEO strategy to building Authorship rather than Page Rank?

Remember PR has been in force for almost 11 years now, Google will not dump it at all. They may change it reduce it’s importance but will never dump it. So no do not replace your entire strategy in building authorship rather than Page Rank. Do both. If you have new articles being uploaded on your website add in Google Authorship. If not build Page Rank.

Which is better and more important Page Rank or Google Authorship?

Both are looking exactly the same at this time. You have to decide which you want to follow. As stated when you have thin content on your website and no authorship you cannot really make use of Google Authorship build Page Rank at that time otherwise if you have good content and new being added regularly definitely focus on Google Authorship.

How to add Google authorship to your website?

Please refer to our previous article on authorship viz. : SEO # How to add author rich snippet in your website?

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