SEO # Does spelling and grammar matter in your SEO and Google Ranking!

In our previous article which was SEO # Google Authorship is it the new page rank? we discussed what the impact of Google Authorship is and if it is as important as Page Rank is and can we ignore Page Rank completely while focusing on Google Authorship alone. In today’s article we will discuss if spelling and grammar are important for SEO and Google ranking.

I have been asked this by clients a lot do we need to thoroughly check spelling and grammar while making content of our website, does it even matter can we ignore a few errors in grammar and spelling.

This is an intriguing question and cannot easily be answered because of many reasons which relate to language and to many other things.

There are many languages in world and all have different spellings and grammar syntax. In order for a search engine to make an algorithm which can rank better spelling and grammar better the algorithm needs to know which language was used.

As far as today google never asks a webmaster about the language of the webpage. If they do not ask for the language they do not give advantage to better spellings and grammar.

So answer to the question becomes a NO. But wait do not start writing bad language without proper checking. You can make a few mistakes here and there but do not start writing like someone in a 3rd grade.

There is a logical reasoning for the same. Say you want to target a keyword “Flowers” and you add in content with “Flowres” everywhere google will rank your website for “Flowres” not for “Flowers” so anyone searching for your targeted keywords will never find your website.

It is always a good practice to write good language make it look as professional as possible because more professional it looks more trustworthy it becomes.

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