SEO # Most annoying link building technique for getting google ban

In our previous article which was SEO # Is domain name with keywords important for SEO and success?  we discussed what kind of domain name should be used for a niche when starting a website. Today we will like to discuss on what is the most annoying link building technique in SEO and which should really be avoided unless you want to get a ban from google for your website.

There are many ways to generate links to your website and best of them are really difficult ways and need a lot of work and time to do the same. Then there are a few shortcuts of getting the links for your website.

The most annoying shortcut is to have links on comments on all blog’s you can find. I remember there was this one website the name i have forgotten for quite long time which used to rank on top 10 for a number of high traffic keywords and all links coming to that website were from comments from different blogs. The author of the website just went onto a lot of different blogs and kept adding irrelevant comments along with the link to the website.

Remember in the start of the article i had mentioned most annoying the reason for most annoying is that it is annoying for blog owner, google and general user as well.

If you are reading an article you also want to read the comments left over by people on that article and you all you see are some irrelevant links and comments from people who are just looking to get link backs it annoys you. I mean it surely annoys hell a lot to me.

So remember if it annoys you it annoys Google as well. As i was stating the one website ranking good on a lot of keywords had some good content but pretty soon it was gone from google search buried deep at about 20th to 30th page. The reason for this was irrelevant links going from different blogs to that website and it looked like Spam to Google.

So any and all irrelevant links will look like spam to Google and should at all costs be avoided if you do not want to get banned from Google.

Also it is to be noted that do not be afraid to leave comments on blogs and you can add in your URL as well but make sure you put in relevant content on comment and put a URL only if that URL is relevant to the content of the article, e.g., if you are reading an article relating to photography do not put a link back to a programming article only a few photographers or people reading photography information will be interested in your article. But if you have some more information which is relevant to that article you can add in your URL there.

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