SEO # Is domain name with keywords important for SEO and success?

In our previous article which was SEO # How to add author rich snippet in your website? we discussed what the author rich snippet is and how we can add it to our website. Today we will discuss an important aspect of online business Domain Name and its relevance to your SEO and success online.

Many times i was asked what kind of domain should i get for my new website. My answer has always been something which is easier to remember and users can recall it whenever they want. But then again there are many school of thoughts when domain names are considered. Some think that you need to have a domain name which can be easily remembered like Google or Yahoo which helps you make your brand name and makes it easy for users and your visitors to recall the name and revisit the website. Some others say that it makes your efforts lesser if you have keywords in your domain name because google automatically lists you on google when you have keywords in your domain name.

It is true that to some extent Google does give advantage to a website having keywords in domain names but that has gone down day by day and now all that we can really see is google improving search result and getting past all these tricks to make a short cut.

Think of it in this way what do you want for your online business? A name your users and visitors remember and can directly type in their browser and come to or go to google and search for keyword and click to come to your website?

Although it is easier to target a particular niche with keywords specific domain name but in long run you will be overly dependent on just Google for traffic and your own brand name will never have any meaning.

As stated and read in Google’s technology the keywords specific domain name and their ranking is getting lower day by day so all those domains which were used only for the purpose of getting a top 10 ranking and provide no value to users will gradually keep going down. There is a saying in online business “Content is King” yes true keep adding content and and domain name with no keyword or even relevance to the content will rank higher to the domain name with keywords.

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