SEO # How to add author rich snippet in your website?

In our previous article which was SEO # What is responsive design and does it help in SEO? we discussed what responsive design is and if it can help in your SEO process or not. In this article we will discuss on what the author rich snippet is and how we can use it on our website and what the benefit of using the same is.

What is author rich snippet?

Author rich snippets are the xml markup added on a webpage which lets Google know about the author of that web page. The most important usage of the same is on a Blog Post where you can add markup of the information of the author and let google display the same on the search results. So whenever a user search for a keyword and your webpage appears on the search result for that keyword Google will also display the author information along with that.

What is the benefit of using a author rich snippet?

If you have a lot of authors writing on your website then author snippet lets users know who wrote a particular article on google and this gives your website a click boost. Like musicians and all artists authors eventually develop a Fan Base the author rich snippet helps in catering to that Fan Base. If a person comes to your website and likes the style of writing of an author they will definitely visit again when the same author publishes a new article. This make the probability of a click on your search result more imminent and thereby making your SEO efforts worthwhile.

How to add author rich snippet on a web page?

There are 2 ways to add a Author rich snippet on your web page.

The first one is:

1) Create a Google+ Page and get a user for your google plus page.

2) Add a link back to your Google+ page on your website and at the end of the same add a ?rel=author e.g. The link to our Google+ page is: you can add the link like this on your webpage.

3) On your Google+ account open the settings tab.

4) On your Google+ settings add in your domain name in contributor to section.

By following the above guideline your Google+ account will be associated to your website and the same will be used by Google to show author information in search results.

The second one is:

You can add in the name of the author in your html as follows:

My name is Bob Smith, but people call me Smithy. Here is my home page:
<a href=""></a>.
I live in Albuquerque, NM and work as an engineer at ACME Corp.
My friends:
<a href="">Darryl</a>,
<a href="">Edna</a>

In above listing we are letting Google know that the author of the article is Bob “Smithy” Smith.

The preferred way of adding the authorship information on a web page is via Google+ page because that lets users follow you on Google+ as well and makes way for you to easily connect with your fan base and thereby increasing the traffic.

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