SEO # What is responsive design and does it help in SEO?

In our previous article which was SEO # How to use application rich snippet in your webpage? we discussed how we can add application specific rich snippet on a webpage and what the benefits of adding the rich snippet on a webpage is. Today we will discuss what a responsive design and and if that helps or destroys the SEO process.

What is a responsive design?

With the advent of mobile devices and enhancements in mobile devices more and more people are accessing the internet on hand held devices. All hand held devices like Mobile Phones, Tablets, Phablets etc. have different screen sizes and different screen resolutions. A responsive design is a design which automatically changes according to the screen it is being opened on. The scope of our article does not permit me to tell you how we can create a responsive design but I will surely try and make a series of new articles on responsive design shortly. So in order to make your website user friendly and accessible across all platforms we can use responsive designs.

Is there another way of enabling the site for mobile device?

Yes there is a traditional way of adding a mobile based website on your website “m” sub domain and add in a canonical link or redirect on your main website to the mobile website whenever someone opens the website from a mobile device.

Which is better way of handling the mobile device?

Both ways are equally good but in responsive designs you have to manage less code and changes on one platform will automatically reflect on all platforms if you have separate codes for separate platforms then all changes done on one platform will need to be done all all platforms.

Does responsive design pose a disadvantage on SEO?

The answer to this question is “No”. The responsive design does not pose any disadvantage on your SEO efforts and your page ranking, just be sure to follow guidelines and be sure to add in relevant good quality content and you can use responsive design without any worry of loosing your Google ranking.

In our next article we will discuss how you can add author rich snippet on your blog post or a webpage.

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