SEO # Do more indexed pages give ranking booster to a website?

In our previous article which was SEO # What are rich snippets and what is the benefit of using them? we discussed what rich snippets are and what is the benefit of using them. We were going to add an article about how to add rich snippets on a webpage but we wanted share a more important information that was just released for SEO by Matt Cutts of Google. We will be adding an article/tutorial about how to add rich snippets in our next article. Today we wanted to share something more important.

In my entire SEO career and doing SEO i was asked by clients one important question do you need alot of pages indexed by google to get good ranking. The answer to this was usually yes. But Matt Cutts reveled something else. A webmaster asked him:

Does having many pages indexed by google mean your website will have a higher ranking?

The answer given to the above query was really something which I was not expecting. According to google having alot of pages indexed does not give you a ranking booster at all. Infact the page’s rank in google search has no real connection to the amount of pages indexed by Google. The only benefit you get is if your pages or content indexed by Google has good keywords then those pages can be listed when those keywords are searched by users.

The above answer was really an eye opener and was a direction given to SEO experts telling them to not go for quantity but for quality in terms of content. We have been saying exactly the same in all our articles in our SEO Series. But we were also of the opinion that more pages in Google index means better and higher ranking in Google.

So the Myth got busted and now it is more clearer what should be done and how it should be done.

You must focus just on quality and not on quantity give value to users. Write and add content which users want to share themselves and your ranking will boost automatically.

In our next article we will discuss how we can add in HTML to our pages for various rich snippets.

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