SEO # What are rich snippets and what is the benefit of using them?

In our SEO Series our last article which was  SEO # How to manage CSS and Javascript files for better ranking?  we discussed how we can manage the CSS and Javscript files on our website for better ranking on Google. Today’s topic is about Rich Snippets. Rich snippets are very useful and handy tools available for a search engine marketer.

Google has been making alot of adjustments and enhancements in their search results. The major one in the same has been Rich Snippets. Rich snippets are the structures HTML elements that are put on your page to let Google know what the page is about or who the author of the blog is and more. The snippets let Google show a structured search result when searched for a keyword. The structured HTML can thus be used on one or as many webpages as on your Website as needed.


What kind of rich snippets are available?

The kind of rich snippets available to use are following:

  • Applications
  • Authors
  • Events
  • Music
  • People
  • Products
  • Products With Offers
  • Recipes
  • Reviews

How should we use rich snippets?

When using rich snippets keep in mind to put in relevant details in the Structured HTML and not put in details not relevant to your web page. As an example when adding in a special offer to your webpage put in HTML for the special offer for the product listed on that page not about any other products on your website. When you want to add in Author Structured HTML the best way of doing the same is to link your Google+ Page and pass in the URL of the page on all pages you want to include the author information. The steps followed to link Google+ Page on your website and pass in Author information are:

  1. In your google+ page administration go to dashboard and link your website to the page.
  2. Do all necessary verifications and complete the tasks as asked by Google+.
  3. Get your Page’s URL from google+.
  4. Add in ?rel=author at the end of the URL and put a link to that URL on all pages you want to pass the author information for.

As an example you can see our company’s Google+ URL here.

Where should we not to use rich snippets?

You should not use rich snippets on pages which are irrelevant or do not contain any information which can be structured. Using structured HTML on such pages can lead to penalty by Google and thereby reducing your google ranking.

What is the benefit of using Rich Snippets?

Please take a look at the following search result:

Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets

In the above search result Author information and image is displayed by Google which makes it more eye catching and thereby leading user to click on that link more often then one without that structured information.

In our next article we will discuss how we can add in HTML to our pages for various rich snippets.

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