SEO # How to manage CSS and Javascript files for better ranking?

In our SEO series our last article which was  SEO # Is Valid HTML or DIV’s based HTML better for google ranking? we discussed if valid HTML and DIV based HTML was beneficial for google ranking or not. Today’s we will discuss how we should use CSS and Javascript in a webpage for better search engine results.

How we should use CSS for better search results?

First, Keep in mind that Google keep note of your website speed and time taken to download a webpage fully on your website and uses the time taken pattern to know if your website is slow or fast and if it is suitable for users. A slower website is ranked lower than a faster website simple reason is if your webpage takes more than 1 second to load than most of the users will close it before it finishes loading. Remember if you want to retain a customer you have to give them the best customer experience. Google takes this into account and ranks websites based on their browsing speed as well. The biggest bottleneck in website’s speed is CSS files because CSS makes it easier to manage your website’s design it is used extensively these days and CSS files size has grown bigger and bigger. To better manage your website’s speed and to get better ranking on google always use a minified version of CSS files. The minified version reduces the size of CSS file by almost half so if your CSS file has a size of 30 kb it will be reduced to 15 kb in a minified file. This will increase your website’s responsiveness and speed and will in turn help in your google rankings.

Second, important thing to remember is to not use direct <style> tags in HTML that will affect your webpage’s page rank and ranking on google in a negative way and will result in lower rankings.

Third, thing you need to remember is to structure your CSS files correctly i.e. you can make a central CSS file i.e. CSS file which contains classes being used on entire website and include it on all pages and then you can make separate CSS files for each page for elements which are specific only for those page. This will reduce the size and bandwidth needed for CSS files and will benefit your webpage in search engine optimization.

How we should use Java for better search results?

Please remember google cannot index Ajax and JavaScript based HTML. Use Ajax wisely. Ajax is used to better your user’s experience by providing them with a responsive UI where pages need not be reloaded for certain events. But over usage of Ajax can lead to no indexing by Google and thereby making your SEO efforts lot more difficult.

The same points mentioned above for CSS applies for JavaScript as well. Do not use <script> tag directly on a webpage as it can make SEO difficult as well and also use minified version of Javascript file for same reason as for CSS files.

In our next article we will discuss what rich snippets are and how we can add them to our website.

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