SEO # Is Valid HTML or DIV’s based HTML better for google ranking?

In our SEO series our last article which was SEO # What is rel=”nofollow” and where to use the same?  we discussed what rel=”nofollow” is and where we can use the same. In this article we will explain if valid html or html without errors or html based only on DIV tags is better for google ranking or not.

What is valid HTML?

To know more about it first we need to understand what is a valid html. A valid html is a html with no errors like closing tag missing or img tag not have  a / in the end and so on. There are various tools available online which lets you test your html and see if it is valid or not.

Does valid HTML rank better?

Now that we know what is a valid HTML we will examine if google ranks valid html better than the webpage which does not have a valid html.

The answer to this question is “NO”.

Google knows that web comprises of millions of developers and billions of webpages and not all can have valid HTML. Although it is a good practice to have valid html and html without errors on your webpages but it is near to impossible to make all webpages in a website valid especially when user generated content is going to be the major driving force behind the content on a webpage. So even if someone tries hard enough to make valid HTML it is impossible to ask users to add content which is valid html. Seeing this in mind google does not penalize your website for not having a valid HTML. The king here is content if you have good quality content then validity of HTML is not important although recommended.

What is DIV based html?

Div based html was designed a few years back which made use you div tag in html and css to design the entire layout. There is a huge misunderstanding with div tags and google rankings i.e. a website with div tags used to design the site will rank better. Is that true?

The answer to this question is “NO”.

Div tags can be used to manage the design but table tags can be used to do the same. As long as your html is not too cluttered and you have clear and small css files there absolutely is no difference in google rankings for table tags or div tags.

What is the benefit of using DIV tags?

The only benefit is easy maintenance  of  design which will let you change webpage by just adjusting css files.


In our next article we will describe how to manage css files and javascript files for google Search Engine Optimizaition.

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