SEO # Are alt tags useful and should they be used

In our SEO series our last article which was SEO # How To Do Keyword Targetting Via Webmaster Tools we discussed if how you can use the webmaster tool to do keyword targetting and how it can help. Today’s topic relates if using alt tags is useful and should they be used.


Alt tags are available in html for links and media i.e. images. Alt tags lets users know what was there in case the image or media is unable to load. The tag is used for providing a description for images/videos or media and links. The usage of this tag does not limit to this only. Google effectively uses alt tag to what the content on the media is about. Therefore it is advisable to use alt tag on all media which is not readable in text as that provides you with a powerful tool to get more keywords added to your page and also helps your media get listed in google images.

How to use alt tags on images?

The basic things you need to remember are to put alt tags on all media on your page i.e. all images on your webpage must have an alt tag. Say for e.g. you have a sunflower image on your webpage than you should add alt tags like “Beautiful Sun Flower” in the image tag. Same way for all your images put in a descriptive explanation of what that image is about.

How to use alt tags on links?

You can and should also use alt tags on the links on your pages. The alt tags on links helps user’s with disability know what that link is for and also is used by google for enhancing user experience. Say for example you have a link for buying your product than add a alt tag named “Buy Product Name” on that link which will let google know that the link goes to buy page of your product and will also let people with disabilities know what that link is for.

How now to use alt tag on your webpages?

Remember to now abuse it, if it helps in increasing your rank and giving you place on google images it can also be used to penalize your website. If you keep stuffing links with useless keywords and images with useless keywords your webpage and entire website can be penalized  and removed from google index.

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