SEO # How To Do Keyword Targetting Via Webmaster Tools

In our SEO series our last artcile which was Does the website downtime affect my SEO Rankings? we discussed if a downtime on web server has any effect on your website’s SEO and your SEO efforts. Today’s topic relates to finding the right keywords to target and making your website respond to those keywords in search.

The first and foremost thing to remember while targeting keywords is to know what product you are selling and what your target market is i.e. selling a product which has no sales value in United States is of no use when you can make money selling it in United Kingdom. The google webmaster tools help you in that scenario. When you login to webmaster tools you can check what queries have been performed on your website and how your website ranked for those queries. Taking that data you can better think and prioritize your search engine optimization.

Prioritize Your Keywords


Say you want to sell a mobile phone and your webmaster tools has keywords like “mobile phone hacks” or “mobile phone unlocking” or “smartphone applications” listed than these keywords will not help you sell Mobile Phones as people who are searching with these keywords are not interested in buying a mobile phone. All they want is hacks or unlocking techniques or applications. But queries like “iPhone 5 price” or “iPhone 5c price” or “iPhone 5c Features” can lead to sales. Now you can target for these keywords and create content around it. Remember “Content is King” keep adding content relevant to your products and relevant to keywords and you will fair well on Search Engines.

Choosing A Market

The most important aspect of selling online is choosing a market. When you choose a wrong market your entire effort can be wasted and can lead to no results. So choose a market carefully check what kind of response your competitors got from different markets and use that information to target that market with chosen keywords.

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