Does the website downtime affect my SEO Rankings?

In our SEO series our last article which was SEO # Does duplicate content on a webpage affect SEO? we discussed what kind of duplicate content is allowed on a web pages of your website. Today’s article relates to a very important aspect of an online business i.e. how google affects website’s downtime. When you run a website and host it at a server, downtime is imminent. It can happen once in a year or 2 times in a year but it does happen. So should we worry about such downtime and our google rankings is the topic of our article today.

If your web host is down and you are getting google bot cannot access your website error in google webmasters tools. Do not panic that usually goes away once your website is back online and google bot can access your website again. Google will issue a warning whenever they visit your website and it is down because it is a reminder to you that your website is not accessible. If you fix the error in a timely manner the warning just goes away and google starts to index your website again in the same manner.

When should you panic during a downtime?

The important thing to remember is the number of times website is down in a specified time and amount of time it took for website to come back online. Suppose you are getting a downtime every day for 2-3 hours that is bad really bad because in that scenario google will know that the website is not reliable and will drop your rankings. However if you had a downtime of even 1 day after 1 year that will be OK because google will again come back to your website in 1 day and index the website.

What should you do during a downtime?

The important thing to do during the downtime is to get the website back online as soon as possible and not to panic because as stated above if you do not have regular and long downtime’s your google rankings are safe.

When should you change your host to another one?

You should change your host to another one when the host has a lot of downtime’s for a long period in a month. If your website goes down 3 times in a week for more then 2 hours every time. It is time to change your hosting company.

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