SEO # How many links should be posted on a webpage?

In our SEO Series our last article which was How to handle hidden text on your website?  we discussed how we can handle the hidden text on our website and if hidden text is recommended by Google or now. In our article today we will examine the least asked question in search engine optimization which is: How many links should be added on a webpage so google does not consider it SPAM.

As per google guidelines earlier you they gave a limit of 100 links per page but that limit has been removed in past few years. So now there is no limit on how many links can be added on a webpage. Google now does not consider links over 100 as spam. But you have to keep in mind a few things before jumping the ship and starting to add 1000′s of links on a page. The things which need to be kept in mind are:

  • Do not make the webpage a cluster of links.
  • Do not make the webpage look like a link farm.
  • Do not spam links.
  • Do not add irrelevant links on a webpage.

The most important aspect of adding links on a webpage is Page Rank. When you add a link on a webpage you share your webpage’s page rank with that link. So if you add say 1000 links on a web page with page rank of 3. You will share the page rank of 3 with those 1000 links so the page on which those links are added will now be of less importance in google search then it would have been if it only had 10-20 links. The next important thing to know is do not hesitate on adding an outgoing link on your webpage. Sometimes Google considers it a wrong practise to not to have even 1 outgoing link on your whole website. So outgoing links if added correctly and cautiously actually help in getting a better rank for your website.

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