SEO # How to handle hidden text on your website

In our search engine optimization series we had been discussing on how to optimize content on the web pages for better google ranking. In this series we had added a post that explained how external links help the website in achieving a better page rank. The next most important part in optimizing web pages is “How To Handle Hidden Text”.

Many times on a website there is a need to hide text and not display it directly e.g. if you have a product which has multiple criteria or specifications and you do not want to display them all at one time as it will make your product listing look cluttered or not appealing to a user, the option at that time is to add a Tab system and show all specifications in those tabs. The questions that come to mine while doing such a thing are following:

Q: Does Google treat hidden text as SPAM?

Ans: Yes and no. According to Google it was made clear that as long as the text which is hidden is to make navigation easier for a user it is not considered spam. But if you keep adding text in the hidden part of your website which does not relate to the website content or to your product and is just targeted to make search engines think they are part of the page will be considered spam and your website will be penalized for this.

Q: Does hidden text penalize your website on Google?

Ans: Yes and no as stated above if the text is irrelevant and is not according to what the product is or is not useful for the user visiting the website, it will be considered SPAM and Google will penalize the website for doing so.

Q: What is the best way to hide text?

Ans: Do not use Ajax to hide the text, if Ajax is used then Google cannot find that text and will not be able to put it in their index. Use CSS to hide the text and unhide it with JavaScript or with CSS as well.

Q: Does excessive hiding make it loop spamming even if it is part of the description of a product?

Ans: Yes it does. There is a popular English saying which goes “Excess of everything is Bad”. So do make use of the features to make your website more interactive and useful but do not over do it.

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