Anti Spam Features vs Competition

We have been approached by many people who have spent 1000′s of dollars on a more popular competitor of ours and started their own social network website. They also spent hours and hours trying to get members on the website but in the end they had to close the website down just because of the sheer spam happening on their website. The so called competition has been in market for more then 7 years now and they still have not figured how to stop spam and cause people a lot of money and time.

We at Vastal I-Tech have worked extensively on the backend so our customers and clients do not face this problem. We have added so many anti spam features that it becomes difficult to impossible for a spammer to do spam on your website.

Some of the anti spam features included in Buddy Zone are:

  • You can as site admin set the amount of time in between posts, friend requests and messages sent, i.e. if you set 60 seconds to be the time and user has to wait for 60 seconds to send another message. This helps in combating spam because spammers will not waste time waiting to send more messages and will just leave.
  • All users only get 1 notification email from site until they log back in, this reduces your chances of getting flagged in spam database and thereby maintaining the integrity of your website.
  • Block an ip address helps you to block 1 ip or multiple ip’s which are continuously spamming and thereby making the spam stop.
  • Report as spam allows users to mark a post, picture or blog as spam and you as admin can delete it immediately from admin panel.

This is just a glimpse of what our anti spam options are. You will notice the change and growth once you shift to us.

Buddy Zone Team

Vastal I-Tech & Co.

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