Buddy Zone Module – MLM Binary Plan Level Based Marketing

We have created a module especially for our clients who want to run an online MLM Business along with social networking website. The said module will allow you to add in a MLM system in your website based on MLM Binary Plan. The users on your website can join and start inviting their friends and increase there MLM Tree thereby increasing your website traffic and revenue.

The module has the following features which make your website a real success in a competitive world:

  • 15 Level Binary Plan.
  • Charge for join or make join free.
  • Give commission on join or make it non commission based.
  • Set percentage given to each user based on level from admin panel.
  • Set join fee from admin panel to charge for joining.
  • Set package fee from admin panel to charge for upgrading the user.
  • Set minimum withdrawal amount from admin panel.
  • Look for all members on level 1-15 in admin panel.
  • Look for withdrawal requests in admin panel.
  • Allows users to send invites directly from website.
  • Tracks all invites sent and people who have joined.
  • Resending of invites to users who have not joined.
  • Reports allow users to see all members in there Level 1-15.
  • Allows users to check their financial account.
  • Allows admin to add entries in a user’s financial account.
  • Allows users to ask for withdrawal from the website.
  • and much more…

How this module can help you in getting revenue for your website?

  • Start a website which will grow itself as people invite other people to earn money.
  • Keep percentage of payment made by members for the website.
  • Charge users to join.
  • Charge users to upgrade.

The module is completely compatible with Buddy Zone Version 2.2+.

Price: USD $150/-


Buddy Zone Team

Vastal I-Tech & Co.

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