SEO # Optimizing External Links and How It Helps

In the previous article we discussed how you can optimize the internal links for good search engine optimization and how you can use it to get better rankings on Google and on Bing. In this article we will discuss how the External Links help in getting better rankings for your website.


As discussed earlier there are 2 kinds of linking which carries weight-age with google when your website page rank is calculated they are:

  • Internal Links
  • External Links

In previous article we discussed about internal links now we will focus on external links. The most important factor which google uses while ranking your website is your reputation and that reputation comes from how many websites link to you. The more the merrier is what comes to mind when we think of external links. However google gives equal importance to both internal as well as external links but the weight-age of external links is more always.

The reason why external links are more important in SEO than internal links are:

  • External links increase your online reputation and thus help in boasting your PR.
  • External links generate the traffic from a 3rd party website and thus bring in traffic.
  • External links can be used for advertising your website for free and thus increasing your website’s exposure.

How to get external links:

  • Look for directories online which provide service to list your website.
  • Add your website in Open Directory Project viz.
  • Put links in forums where they are allowed.
  • Put links in social networks which allow them.
  • Add links to google plus and make sure to make them public – Contrary to belief they do help in your PR and traffic.
  • Create info graphics and add them to websites which host info graphics.
  • Add links to youtube by uploading videos.

What not to do when getting external links:

  • Paying for links is a strict no no.
  • Look for only good reputation websites which can link you back.
  • Do not spam links.
  • Do not add links only to irrelevant websites.
  • Do not post multiple links on a single page.
  • Do not post similar links to your website on same websites.
  • Start linking only on website’s which do not ask you for link back.
  • Link backs are considered spam, never indulge in them ever.

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