SEO # Optimizing Internal Links For SEO & Search Engine Optimization

In the previous article in our Search Engine Optimization series we had discussed on how we can make use of Fresh Content to our advantage and how we can drive traffic from the same. The fresh content also can be used for optimizing the links for Search Engine Optimization. In any SEO effort the link building is the most important aspect and that directly affects your website’s ranking and amount of traffic it gets from the search engine. There are 2 kinds of links that google recognizes as links going towards a page on a website,viz:


  • Internal Links
  • External Links


In this article we will analyze how we can optimize the internal links to our advantage and get a better ranking on search engines. There is a common myth that only outside links or links from other websites are important for search engine optimization but in realty search engine optimization as specified by google in their webmaster tools give equal importance to both internal links as well as to external links.


Why are internal links as important as external links in the eyes of google for Search Engine Optimization?

The most important aspect that google considers while ranking a website is User’s Experience. If user experience on a website is going to be good then the ranking of that website is going to be good. This information is needed to better make a website as well as to have a good Search Engine Optimization strategy in place while designing the website. If you have cluttered internal links which are not easy to navigate but are just a bunch of links thrown for users they will have negative impact on your search engine results.

How to manage your internal links for better google ranking and for better Search Engine Optimization?

Some points which need to be remembered while adding internal links are:

  • Always make sure you have relevant links on a page.
  • Always make sure that the anchor link and text are same not different which will look fishy to google.
  • Always make sure to add a link to your website in a blog entry somewhere because if your blog is shared on other website’s than your internal link will get shared on that website and will help in getting an external link for you.
  • Always make sure that internal linking is easy to navigate.
  • Always make sure that the internal links are not cluttered together.
  • Always make sure not to link to irrelevant articles inside your website from a particular post.
  • Always make sure your Search Engine Optimization teams knows how you are adding links in blogs and articles.

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