Buddy Zone – New Module – Multi Vendor Shopping Cart

The latest module offering from the world’s best social networking script is the multiple vendor shopping cart. The said module will allow you to have multiple users setup their shopping cart’s on your website. The same module can help your website in multiple ways which are:

  • Increase your revenue: You can charge your users to allow them to setup shopping carts on your website.
  • Increase your website traffic: When your users will setup their shopping carts on your website they will want to have sales so they will drive traffic to your website by doing their own marketing.
  • Allow users to design their online shop: Users can add in css codes to change the look and feel of their carts, they can add in categories of products and products themselves as well.

The module is completely compatible with Buddy Zone Version 2.2+.

Price: USD $50/-


Buddy Zone Team

Vastal I-Tech & Co.

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