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Firstly, we will like to apologize for not updating our series on Search Engine Optimization. We had been busy with a few projects and upgrades to Buddy Zone – Social Networking Script Facebook Clone, but we did not forget that we had started a series for our customers and website visitors to get most out of the web without having to go through the ordeal if hiring FAKE SEO Companies.


In previous article titled “SEO # Optimizing Meta Description” we had discussed how we can optimize the Meta Description tag in the header of the website for getting better results on Google. You can read the article again to refresh your memory about the options you can use in description tag to get better ranking on google and what is the importance of the description tag for SEO.


In this article we will discuss the most repeated question about SEO and which is asked to us as a Search Engine Optimization company often by our clients. Will my ranking ever drop once we make it to top 30-40 on google in future? The answer we give to our clients is “YES”. The reason we give this answer is we do not like to lie to our clients and we do not wish to gain the business by doing dubious deeds.


The reason for the drop is rank are many the most important one is lack of fresh content. Remember you are not alone in the world who is targeting a particular keyword. There are many more people viz. your competitors who are behind the same keywords as you are so they will always try to get their rank lower than yours. The main element in that is fresh content which allows google to see if there is anything new in this page and if anything more relevant is being added to the page or not. As explained by Google when you add a new page it can get good ranking because of many reasons but the drop in ranking is because of lack of fresh content and because there are more people who are adding content on their website which let’s google have more options to choose from. For Example, When you added a new page google only had your page to rank but then more people start adding more pages with similar content now google has more options to rank and they choose the best ranking based on variety of factors main being freshness and cleanliness of the article.


Remember to keep your website as fresh as possible, by adding a blog to your website and updating it often. But also remember to not overdo it as overdoing may constitute it as SPAM and can get your website banned from google. So add relevant topics in your blog keep updating it 1 to 2 times in a week and your website ranking will have a better chance to remain the same.


One more benefit of fresh content is that your website now has more targeted keywords for google to rank and you can now target more visitors. Fresh content which ranks higher on google is a boon for your website do not think of it as a burden. The fresh content provides you with an option to add more content for your visitors and more content means more keywords and more visitors.


Google and Bing are known to give the fresh content a better ranking just because it appears to them as a breaking news kind of a thing. As news papers and news channels provide breaking news more often then other older news in the same way google and bing provide the new fresh content more then the old and outdated content.


The main question many of our clients ask us is:


How often to update the content on the website?

Ans: You can update your website as often as you want, 2 times in a day or 2 times in a week. Just remember do not SPAM i.e. add same content/article over and over because that will lead to you being blocked by google.


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