Buddy Zone – New Milestone

We at Vastal I-Tech are really happy that Buddy Zone has achieved yet another milestone. The number of websites under 100,000 rank on compete using Buddy Zone has reached to 350. Everyone knows that compete is a better traffic analyzer for traffic coming from United States so these numbers are real and show how well websites running on Buddy Zone are doing. The 350 customers running huge Social Networks powered by Buddy Zone have been growing exponentially. Simply because of the speed of code and the way it manages to run under extreme traffic conditions.

To showcase a live example 1 of our customers started a social networking for marketing and same way our customer’s competitor started another one using our competitor’s script. The result was clear in 2 months. Our customer reached to 30,000+ members in 2 months and the other website running under our competitor’ script closed down after 7,500 members. This proved the strength of our code, we are proud of it and we will always showcase it. If you want to know which 2 website’s these were, please do contact us.

Another milestone we just learned about Buddy Zone is that 3 of websites powered by Buddy Zone were acquired by big corporations and the payment made were in millions. We are yet to hear about this from any of our competitor.

We will continue to share with our esteemed customers all the success we achieve with our amazing code (Oh Yeah) which we have proved so many times.

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