SEO # Optimizing Meta Description

In our series of how to optimize your website for Google, Bing and Yahoo uptil now we had discussed how to optimize the Meta Title Tag you can read the article here. Our next article relates on how to optimize the Meta Description tag. The meta description tag is defined in the head section of a web page in html. The code that defined the meta description tag is as follows:

<meta name=”description” content=”SEO # Optimizing Meta Description Tag” />

The first and foremost thing to note about meta description tag is its importance in the seo and in google ranking. To look into that we need to know:

How google sees the meta description tag of a webpage?

Google looks for meta description tag to know what the webpage is about and what content it has. The text in this tag has a huge influence in the ranking pattern in google. The same text is also displayed below the link on google. The meta description can basically be seen as the snippet of what the page is about. You need to add catchy text here so user is compelled to click once they read the description on google. The same text also is used by google to look for content and match it with user’s search query.

What to include in meta description tag?

The meta description tag should include atleast 1 important keyword you are targeting. For e.g. if you are targeting “red roses” as keyword than meta description tag should contain red roses in it. Make sure the keyword being targeted is also present in the webpage. The meta description text should be human readable text with complete sentence and should be catchy so users click on your link on google. For example, “Beautiful red roses will be delivered on valentines day at reasonable price.”

What not to include in meta description tag?

The meta description tag should not contain a full list of keywords only. It should contain 1-2 keywords and with meaningful sentences. The meta description tag should not be more then 130 characters long as the rest is truncated by google when displaying.


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