SEO # Optimizing Meta Tags For Google

In our series on how to optimize the website and webpages for Google our next step to learn is how to optimizing the actual content and HTML for higher ranking on Google. The first and most important aspect to remember while optimizing content and HTML on the pages is Meta Title and Meta Description.


Here is an outlook on how you can optimize the “Meta Title” tag. The first and most important text that a user sees while searching for your website or webpage is the website or webpage’s meta title. That is what Google and Bing displays with the link to a user on the search engine. Think of meta title as a newspapers headline, if a headline in a newspaper is not catchy you will most likely not to read that article. However if the headline is catchy you will read it to know more. Similar is the case with the website/webpage’s meta title. The meta title should be written with following 2 things in mind:


  • Keywords you want to target
  • Make the title catchy to stand out in the crowd in Google and Bing.


Keywords you want to target:


Be sure to add at least 1 major keyword you are targeting in your website/webpage’s meta title tag. That is most important because website’s meta title is what is looked up by Google and Bing while pulling the website/webpage for a particular keyword, of-course along with 100 other part’s in their algorithm. Now to make things easier, if you want to target red roses as keywords than make the title of website/webpage as “Send Beautiful Red Roses To Your Beloved Valentine”. The title now has red roses in it and is somewhat catchy. Major mistakes we see on many websites/webpages is that people tend to stuff keywords in the title tag which is not right. Neither Google nor User likes that now in above example if title was “Red Roses, Flowers, Rose, Red” will you go ahead and read the article or visit the website? No so keep it simple and make users click on your link with just 1 to 2 keywords in the title tag.


Make the title catchy to stand out in the crowd in Google and Bing.


The links on Google and Bing are displayed with your website/webpage’s title so it is most important for you to make the title as catchy as possible, because if the title of your webpage is just stuffed with keywords and has no real meaning, you may for a short while get ranking on Google and Bing but your conversion rate will be extremely lower and with gradual time your ranking will fall as well.  Above we explained how you go through many pages in a newspaper and just read an article whose title interests you and skip the one’s which does not. Same is the case with Google and Bing SERPs. Users will just skip the pages which do not interest them and click 0n your competitors link who has a more relevant and catchy title.


In this article we discussed how we can optimize our website/webpage’s meta title content for better ranking and better conversions, in next article we will discuss how we can optimize the meta description tag for better ranking and better conversion.


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