SEO # Optimizing URLs For Google

The most important aspect of SEO Planning is to optimize URL’s for google. When google visits your website and crawls the links they look for content and keywords in the URL as well. You can target specific keywords by putting them in URL. The url link containing your targetted keyword is likely to get more credit than anything else in the content. The most important point to note when linking is that the link name and link should have similarity and should not be completely different. As an example, consider the following link: in this link we have embedded the social networking script as keyword but the page it links to also has content relating to the social networking.


If the page you are linking to is completely different in content than what your link suggests google will not rank it and can penalize the same as well. This is considered to be black hat SEO and should most definitely be avoided. Stick to your plan and keep the keywords you are targeting in mind while making the links on your website.


Anchor text i.e. the text which is linked to the URL should also be kept in mind while planning for the link optimization. The anchor link also tells search engine bot what the page being linked to has to offer. In above URL we specified the anchor text as Full Description Of Social Networking Script so search engine bot knows that when the page will be crawled it will have description relating to social networking script. The anchor text also carries weight in the SEO and is considered while page is ranked for that keyword. In most cases use links separately from H1 tag, you can put your keywords in H1 tag separately but keep the URL and anchor text separate from H1 tag. In above example we put in Social Networking Script – Facebook Clone in H1 tag so we have the page and link totally optimized for 2 keyword viz. Social Networking Script and Facebook Clone.


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