Buddy Zone # New Send SMS Module

We have been working on making many improvements to Buddy Zone – Social Networking Script – Facebook Clone better for our customer. In the same en-devour we have finished a very unique module for your website. The sms module which allows your users to send each other sms messages or text messages to their friends. The sms module has the following options available:

  • Verify account via sms
  • Send sms to members
  • Receive sms from members
  • Update status message via sms

The incoming sms message allows a user to update their status message by sending a sms to a short number from their registered mobile device. How the system works is:

Users have to enter their mobile number and a sms is sent to their cell phone with verification code, the verification code is entered on your website and their mobile number is registered your website. Now users can send and receive sms from your website directly from their profile.

Updating status by sending a sms to website

Users will be provided a short number and when they send sms to that number from their registered mobile device the same will be updated and their status message for their friends.

Please note the module as such is provided in the license cost, but sending and receiving messages require sms credits which need to be purchased separately.

Buddy Zone Team

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