SEO # Optimizing Images For Google

Our previous 2 articles were targeted on how to plan your content for Search Engine Optimization and how to know if your content is considered good by Google. We now start our journey towards on how to generate optimized content. The first in this series is how to add images which are optimized for google and can result in good ranking. In a online social media era almost all websites have images and those images are mostly user generated. The user generated content is always good for your website since it adds value to your website.


The most important aspect you need to know is that ranking and traffic mostly depends on text written on your web page but images can be helpful in getting ranking and traffic as well. Thanks to Google Images. How do we rank higher with images depends on following factors:

  • Keywords you are targeting
  • You want your image to rank higher
  • You want your content to rank higher


Keywords you are targeting


Let us assume that the keyword you are targeting is “Flowers”. The most import aspect for optimized images for that keyword is to add image with names which includes flowers in them, e.g. image name can be like red_beautiful_roses_flowers.jpg. When google crawls your webpage and see an image they mark it for their images search engine. The name of image is used as keyword when it is ranked. Now in above example you have 2 important keywords in an image “Roses” and “Flowers”, with image name having these there is a possibility that when someone searches for beautiful roses on google your image will pop up in results and can lead to a user entering your website. Always use innovative images and innovative image names which can give you good ranking on popular keywords.


Another way of letting google know what the image is about is alt tag, never forget to add a alt heading for your image. The text in alt tag is used by google for parsing the content and ranking your web page in images search.


You want your image to rank higher


If your goal is to rank your image higher with specified keywords you need to add those keywords in that image name and alt as explain above. The images need to be unique, fresh and as less in size as possible. The higher the image size the lesser are your chances of getting it ranked in a search engine. Always use .png format to embed images in your webpage. PNG (Portable Network Graphic) is the most optimized and compressed format for webpages and is ranked well with almost all search engines.


You want your content to rank higher


If your goal is to rank your content with image than use structured data for your images, structured data is what is used by google to display an icon along with search result. We will explain the role of structured data in our next article. For content to rank higher with the help of your images, add alt text which relates to your content and also name image based on content of your webpage. That will increase keyword penetration and will help in ranking higher for your webpage.


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