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In our previous article we had discussed about how google views content as good or bad. Now we will see how you can plan on making that good content bring in traffic for your website. The most important aspect of a website to get good rankings in Google and Bing is content. Content is what drives the users/customers to your website. Therefore content planning is the most important part of development which needs to be done before starting your e-Business. How to plan your content depends on following factors:


  • Keywords you are targeting
  • User base you are targeting
  • Are you selling a product?
  • Are you selling advertising?


Keywords you are targeting


Firstly do research on what keywords you want to target. Google keywords tool is the best way to do a search for popular keywords relating to your product/service/articles. You can type in keywords there and see the variations and also how many searches each keyword gets in a month. As an example, if you are selling flowers online, you can go to Google Keywords Tool which can be accessed at: and start your search by typing flowers in it. You will see all variations of flowers keywords and how they are being targeted by your competitors. There are other online services as well which lets you see more information which we will discuss in another article. You can now plan on how to write your articles with the keywords that suit you the best.


User base you are targeting


Second most important aspect to content planning is user base. If you are selling your product/services/articles to fairly younger crowd add as many images in the content as you can, do not forget to use image’s alt attribute to briefly explain the purpose of image and also to add your keywords in them. If you are targeting all kinds of users than choose  wisely and add appropriate amount of text and images. One thing should be kept in mind. Ranking is achieved by content/text not by images so do use alt tag in the images to generate text.


Are you selling a product?


If you are selling a product, new information is very difficult to find and update and google’s freshness update is difficult to please in that scenario. The best way to overcome this is to add a blog about your product and post articles for your product, it’s capabilities and it’s uniqueness and more. You should also add reviews along with your product listings. Let your users post good/bad/average reviews in your product, that generates content and also lets other people know you are fair in your business. Just look at and their review system, it has all sorts of reviews but that is what ranks them so high on google and bing.


Are you selling advertising?


Once again do not write articles for search engines or for advertising. Very important fact to know is Google penalizes your website if the articles written are just to bring in money from advertisements and not for user’s knowledge and pleasure. Sure do add in some text in articles which ranks well with search engines or brings in more CPC but do not put your entire focus on the same. Put some value to your articles and also allow users to review them and leave a comment that is again for SERP.


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